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Dance Video and Contest Results!

The epic video! Please share with all your friends and let’s make this thing go viral!



  • 1st Place – Crystal Serrano. Wins a Kindle Touch, fully loaded with the Prize List.
  • 2nd Place – Timothy Ward. Wins the entire Prize List of electronic books.
  • 3rd Place – Ralene Burke. Wins her choice of 5 electronic books from the Prize List.
  • 4th Place – Tim George. Wins his choice of 2 electronic books from the Splashdown Books catalog.
  • 5th Place – Becky Milstead. Wins her choice of 1 electronic book from the Splashdown Books catalog.

Contest Rules and Prizes – Bet Between Diane M. Graham and Keven Newsome


CLICK HERE to read the details about the bet. Join us in the fun and YOU may be the winner! The bet will begin May 21, 2012. All contest entries MUST BE CLAIMED PRIOR TO THAT DATE.


  1. To enter, you must first join the contest “event” on Facebook. If you are not a Facebook user, leave a comment here explaining and you’ll also be entered. 1 entry just for joining the event.
    1. https://www.facebook.com/events/168818473237775/


  1. Participating in the Bet Discussion Group will give you 5 entries. Spoilers for both books may be given here. This group is to be a real time interaction opportunity as Keven reads through Diane’s book and gives his thoughts to the group. It is highly recommended that you read both I Am Ocilla and Winter prior to May 14 before joining this group. No requests to join will be granted after that date.
    1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/363500660348993/
  2. Subscribe to either Diane’s blog or Keven’s blog and leave a comment on any post with your name claiming your entry. If you’re already subscribed, simply leave a comment and ask for the entry. 1 entry per website that you subscribe to.
    1. www.KevenNewsome.com
    2. www.DianeMGraham.com
  3. “Like” either FB fan page of Diane or Keven and leave a wall post asking for your entry. If you already “Like” the page, simply leave a wall post and ask for the entry. 1 entry per fan page that you “Like.”
    1. www.facebook.com/thewordcrafter
    2. www.facebook.com/dianemgrahamauthor
  4. Purchase a copy of Winter and/or I Am Ocilla. You must provide proof of your purchase either by confirmation email or receipt. 15 entries will be given for each book purchased. If you already have the book, simply show proof and asked to these entries.
    1. Winter – http://amzn.com/0987653105
    2. I Am Ocilla – http://amzn.com/1927154197
  5. Posting Amazon reviews of each book will receive 5 entries per book reviewed. If you’ve already reviewed on Amazon, simply ask for these entries.
    1. Winter – http://amzn.com/0987653105
    2. I Am Ocilla – http://amzn.com/1927154197
  6. Making a blog post with mini reviews of each book, choosing a winner in the bet, and explaining why you chose that winner, will receive 25 entries. Please forward one of us the link.
  7. Making a creative video the same as number 6, will receive 30 entries. Please forward one of us the link.
  8. Being correct in the winner you chose in number 6 or 7, will get you a bonus 20 entries.
  9. “Like” or subscribe to the FB fanpage or website of any of the participating books in the giveaway. Leave a wall post or comment on those sites claiming your entry. We’ll be watching. You can earn only 1 additional entry for each book.
  10. Additional random bonus entries may be given out by either Keven or Diane to anyone who exhibits enthusiasm over the bet, creates their own side bets, team jingles, or other general hoopla while having fun with all of this. Basically…if you make a lot of noise, it could be good for you.


  • 1st Prize – 1 winner will receive a Kindle Touch fully loaded with the entire electronic book prize list. (minimum of 50 contest participants required.) In the event that there are one hundred (100) contest participants, the 1st Prize Kindle Touch will be REPLACED with a Grand Prize Kindle Fire.
  • 2nd Prize – 1 winner will receive the entire electronic book prize list. (minimum of 35 contest participants required.)
  • 3rd Prize – 1 winner will receive five (5) electronic books of their choice from the electronic book prize list. (minimum of 25 contest entrants required.)
  • 4th Prize – 1 winner will receive two (2) electronic books of their choice from the Splashdown catalog only. (minimum of 15 contest participants required.)
  • 5th Prize – 1 winner will receive one (1) electronic book of their choice from the Splashdown catalog only. (minimum of 10 contest participants required.)

Electronic Book Prize List
(Additions to the list are continually being added!)

  • I Am Ocilla, by Diane M. Graham SB catalog
  • Winter, by Keven Newsome SB catalog
  • Finding Angel, by Kat Heckenbach SB catalog
  • Alpha Redemption, by PA Baines SB catalog
  • The Muse, by Fred Warren SB catalog
  • Tales of a Dim Knight, by Adam and Andrea Graham SB catalog
  • Caffeine, by Ryan Grabow SB catalog
  • The Duke’s Handmaid, by Caprice Hokstad SB catalog
  • Faith Awakened, by Grace Bridges SB catalog
  • Aquasynthesis, by various. A Splashdown Books short story anthology. SB catalog
  • Realities Dawn, by R. L. Copple SB catalog
  • The Crystal Portal, by Travis Perry and Mike Lynch SB catalog
  • Star of Justice, by Robynn Tolbert SB catalog
  • Rift Jump, by Greg Mitchel SB catalog
  • Kill FM 100, by Teric Darken. Treasureline Publishing.
  • War of Attrition, by Frank Creed. The Writer’s Cafe Press.
  • Wind Rider 1 & 2, by Rebecca P. Minor. Diminished Media Group.
  • The Worker Prince, by Bryan Thomas Schmidt. Diminished Media Group.
  • Cancelled, by Michael Britton.
  • Whisper a Scream, by Pete Turner. Treasureline Publishing.
  • Daughter of Light, by Morgan L. Busse. Marcher Lord Press

Winter up for a Grace Award

Winter is in the running for a Grace Award. These awards are completely reader driven during the first phase. The three finalists in each category will be reviewed by a panel of three judges to determine the winner. To read the official Voting Guidelines, CLICK HERE. But since some of you have expressed confusion about what to do, here is a simplified step by step guide. It should only take you a couple of minutes to vote.


1) You must have a social networking account that has existed prior to November 1, 2011. Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, Goodreads, Shelfari, Shoutlife, Myspace…it doesn’t matter.

2) Begin a new email to graceawards@aol.com. Make the subject Grace Awards vote.

3) In the first line of your email, put your NAME and LINK to your social networking account. If you do not provide the LINK, then your vote will be INVALID. If you don’t know how to find your Facebook link, click on your name in the top right hand corner. It’ll take you to your profile home page. Copy paste the link in the address bar.

4) Here is the voting template. COPY PASTE the entire thing into the body of your email.

Womens Fiction Title (serious women’s issues, can have humor and/or suspense elements). Why you like the story: (At least 25 words)

Contemporary Romance/Historical Romance Title (the primary element is love/marriage, be it now or then). Why you like the story: (At least 25 words)

Suspense/Thriller/Mystery/Romantic Suspense/ Detective Series Title (crime fiction, there’s probably a body). Why you like the story: (At least 25 words)

Speculative Fiction Title (SciFi, fantasy, horror, etc.). Why you like the story: (At least 25 words)

Action Adventure/Western/Historic Epic Fiction Title (exploits, quest, a feel of wide-open spaces, expansive). Why you like the story: (At least 25 words)

Young Adult Title (appeals to ages 15 – 21-ish). Why you like the story: (At least 25 words)

 5) To vote for WINTER, go beneath the SPECULATIVE FICTION category. You must WRITE 25 WORDS OR MORE about why you liked Winter. Don’t forget to actually state the title and author. Winter, by Keven Newsome. If you’ve previously left an Amazon review, I see no reason why you couldn’t use some of what you’ve already written.

6) You may vote for other books in other categories if you wish. You’re allowed one vote per category, but do not repeat books. Authors cannot vote for their own books.

7) Send your email.

That’s it! Thanks for your vote and your continued support!