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Did Guardians of the Galaxy 2 jump the shark?

**A MOSTLY SPOILER FREE REVIEW** I sat at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, watching the credits scroll by and waiting for the bonus scenes. I glanced at my friend and he had the same puzzled expression that I did. He asked, "What did you think?" I replied, "I'm going to have… Continue reading Did Guardians of the Galaxy 2 jump the shark?

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The Legend of Zelda – Cinematic Love Story trailer

Sometimes I like to do quick fan editing projects, and here's one of my favorites. Here is The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, as an epic love story...which it is. All footage (except for the text) comes from in-game cut scenes and the music is "Wide Open Sky," by Audiomachine.

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Zelda needs writers??

**raises hand** Ooo...me! Pick me! I try to live my life by the principle of always doing exactly what God wants me to do. This has led to a pretty drastic life change recently, of which I'll blog about in the coming weeks. But if you can't wait, you can check out my wife's blog… Continue reading Zelda needs writers??

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33 Best Christmas Movies So Far

This morning we began to brain-storm to try and figure out what of our favorite Christmas movies we have not yet seen this year, so we can purpose to find and watch them before it's too late. So I googled some top Christmas movie lists and found that none of the lists really reflected the… Continue reading 33 Best Christmas Movies So Far

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The man who forgets…

A few days ago, my friend and author Kat Heckenbach made this observation on Facebook: Realizing, as I watch Doctor Who Season 7, that Clara Oswald is not lacking anything. She is really awesome. BUT. There was no mourning time for the Ponds. That is why the transition didn't work. For some reason, the move… Continue reading The man who forgets…