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We Are One – Release

It's been nearly three years since I first began the journey of writing this book. It started as a simple discipleship study to help my church understand the personalities of each generation and how they interact with each other in a church context. The response was overwhelming. Not only did my church members respond enthusiastically,… Continue reading We Are One – Release

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All Christians Are Hypocrites

Sam and Nia Rader are perhaps most recognizable as the couple behind the viral video where the husband announces to his wife that she's pregnant. This launched them into the public spotlight in such a way that they've now been able to vlog on YouTube full time. Oh, and did I mention? They are very… Continue reading All Christians Are Hypocrites

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In Defense of Old Testament Law

With all the excitement over the SCOTUS decision over same-sex marriage, there has been a renewed push for an old view of the Old Testament law, one that says we are no longer bound by Old Testament law and it is therefore irrelevant in the context of Christ. Sure, it's convenient to take this position… Continue reading In Defense of Old Testament Law

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Mormonism, Moroni, and Madness

Brief Introduction Here is another academic research paper I did this semester. It too is rather lengthy, but not as lengthy as the previous. I won't give you any spoilers this time so you'll have to actually read it yourself. But I promise this paper is much better than the last. You might actually enjoy… Continue reading Mormonism, Moroni, and Madness

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Muhammad and the Demonic

Brief Introduction For those of you checking out this post because of the title, you should know that the following is a research paper I did this semester. It is rather lengthy, so I don't expect all of you to read it. What you really want to know is what my title, my conclusion… Continue reading Muhammad and the Demonic