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Winter 4 – Teaser Trailer

Enjoy this short teaser trailer for the final installment of the Winter series! Full trailer to come soon!


Winter Book 3 cover reveal!

I know it’s been a long time coming…five years since the release of Winter, which introduced all of you to this awesome goth girl we all now love. And three and a half years since the release of Prophetess, which saw Winter come to understand who God was calling her to be.

Now, we come to book 3…Acolyte. In which Winter must face something far worse than demons or Satanic priests. She must face herself.

It’s a pivotal moment in the growth of any person. Those who come to know Christ generally go forth for the first few years as if hyped up on spiritual adrenaline. But eventually reality sets in. We have to look deep within ourselves and fight those demons of our own creation. If we never overcome ourselves, we can never fully become what God created us to be.

I hope you’ll take this next pivotal step with Winter as she finally faces that stone casing around her heart. With someone as stubborn as Winter, it just might take the resurrection of her past, the summoning of a demon, and the threat of losing everything she loves to finally get through to her.


For more information on the book (as it becomes available) go to the book’s main landing page here –>

Props to my lovely wife for the amazing cover art –>


Prophetess – Sneak Peek. Chapter 0 (full chapter)

Chapter 0

Twelve Years Ago

“One,” Gains whispered. Inhale. Exhale. The muzzle of his Glock glinted six inches from his face. A bead of sweat dropped into his eye. He blinked it away, watching the wall opposite him as bullets from the intersecting corridor pelted the surface.

“Two.” Inhale. Exhale. The drone of the alarm blaring from every school speaker compressed his eardrums, almost as much as the concussion of the offending gun. He turned his head to the right and made eye contact with his partner, Agent Stevens. Gains flicked two fingers. His gray-haired partner nodded.

“Three.” Gains took two giant steps into the center of the hall, turned and extended his gun back to the corner where he had been standing.

Inch. He moved a little, revealing more of the hall beyond.

Inch. Gunfire. A bullet struck the fully exposed wall next to him…only feet away.

Inch. A little more.

Gunfire. Another bullet.

Inch. The alarm. The sweat.



A man in a silver and black mask crouched near the exit. Gains sighted him down.

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Prophetess – Sneak Peek Excerpt

“When I was little,” Kaci said, “my dad would take me fishing all the time. And it didn’t matter how much I scared the fish with my noise or how many times we came back empty-handed, he always said he was proud of me. He always smiled and said he loved me.”

Winter turned to her.

“I haven’t been fishing in a long time.” A tear rolled down Kaci’s smiling face.

“Maybe you should ask him to take you again.”

Kaci shook her head. “No. I hate fishing.”

“Well, I’m sure he’s still proud of you. And I know he loves you very much.”

Kaci’s smile widened. But the tears flowed more freely. “I know.”

Winter grabbed her hand. “And the same goes for me.”

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