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33 Best Christmas Movies So Far

This morning we began to brain-storm to try and figure out what of our favorite Christmas movies we have not yet seen this year, so we can purpose to find and watch them before it's too late. So I googled some top Christmas movie lists and found that none of the lists really reflected the… Continue reading 33 Best Christmas Movies So Far

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My Writing Infuences

GUEST BLOG AT SPECULATIVE FAITH Keven, you write dark paranormal Christian fiction. How in the world did you get there?? Glad you asked. I’ve never talked much about the writers that have most influenced me. I think in some interview or other I’ve listed one or two, but I’ve never really told my writing journey… Continue reading My Writing Infuences

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Grow a thick skin…please!

**CAUTION. CONTROVERSIAL POST** This morning an article came across my Facebook feed about an 11 year old boy who attempted suicide because he was bullied for liking My Little Pony. (I happen to like My Little Pony. FYI one of the writers for the Power Puff Girls is the producer...and I REALLY liked Power Puff… Continue reading Grow a thick skin…please!

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Last year and next year…

I wish I could say 2013 was an amazing year. It was an excellent year, by all accounts, but it was one of those rebuilding and relearning years that you're happy to see behind you. Those of you who are closest too me know the many things that went on. Some of you may not,… Continue reading Last year and next year…

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6 Randomly Fun Things to Do this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is in just a few days, but most of the world is already celebrating Christmas. So in order to help put the focus a little more on being thankful, I've come up with six randomly fun things to do with your family this Thanksgiving, that will hopefully bring a little cheer and humor this… Continue reading 6 Randomly Fun Things to Do this Thanksgiving