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In Defense of Old Testament Law

With all the excitement over the SCOTUS decision over same-sex marriage, there has been a renewed push for an old view of the Old Testament law, one that says we are no longer bound by Old Testament law and it is therefore irrelevant in the context of Christ. Sure, it's convenient to take this position… Continue reading In Defense of Old Testament Law

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Mom’s Night Out: Review from a Pastor’s Wife

Jesusfreak Mommy

So, the other night, my hubby and I FINALLY watched Mom’s Night Out.  I’ve been wanting to see the movie since its release, but never had the opportunity to go.


I thoroughly enjoyed the laughter found in a rare, truly family friendly comedy.

The chemistry between the cast was phenomenal.

Seriously I LAUGHED so hard…much needed after the past few weeks around here.

But, I also cried.  There were several moments of silent tears as I found myself identifying greatly with the story.

I’ve been the frazzled mom…many many times.  I’ve found myself putting the focus in entirely wrong places.  I’ve felt the aggravation over never seeming to have a moment alone.  Children who refused to just go to church and take part in children’s activities while mom had a rare moment of adult worship.  I’ve been there.

I’ve tried not to crush dreams my children have by freaking…

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The Three Pastors a Sick Church Needs

There has been a lot of recent research into the decline of churches and there are many churches who are in positions where they are struggling to keep their doors open. These churches are simultaneously looking for the right pastor to swoop in and make everything better but they are still not willing to let… Continue reading The Three Pastors a Sick Church Needs

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What Pastors Fear Most

Last spring, I preached from the passage below. It was a very vulnerable sermon to preach, because it struck too close to my heart. As I uploaded the video to YouTube today, I decided that some of what I said should be shared with others. So this post is for pastors...that you might have encouragement… Continue reading What Pastors Fear Most

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The Lego Movie: One of the most anti-Christian movies ever

This is a really difficult review for me to write. First let me say that I actually enjoyed the Lego Movie. My kids thoroughly enjoyed it. It's imaginative, high-energy, and exciting. I was also very impressed that the movie was created with actual Legos using stop-still animation. (UPDATE: I now know that it was computer… Continue reading The Lego Movie: One of the most anti-Christian movies ever