Review of Mantle by Keven Newsome

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Winter and I go way back.

Keven mentioned the other day that Winter was entered in the Marcher Lord Select Premise Contest back in 2009. For those of you who weren’t around for that, this was an online contest where readers voted on which stories they wanted to see more of. When the contest got to the synopsis round, I was pretty critical of the synopsis for Winter because I felt it didn’t detail the plot sufficiently. I wrote, “I need to be able to see whether the guts of this story are as gutsy as the guts of the others. And from what’s been given, I can’t.”

Oh, my friends. How little I knew. Winter is the gutsiest character and Keven Newsome is the gutsiest writer I know.

Keven must have forgotten about my remark, because in spite of my critique (or maybe because of it?) he asked me…

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