Closing the Book on "Winter"

My guest blog on NAF about my decade long journey to write Winter’s story!

The New Authors Fellowship

I turned forty last February. It just so happens that my birthday is just six weeks after Winter’s birthday. Her birthday is on December 22…the first day of winter, or so it was the year she was born. It snowed the day she was born, and on her birthday just a few months ago the last chapter of her story was released—Mantle, the fourth book in the Winter series, which was preceded by Winter, Prophetess, and Acolyte.

You may not have noticed, and that’s okay. No hard feelings. Things have changed in the publishing landscape so much that it’s difficult to keep a series relevant. Winter came out with shouts and praises, Prophetess came out with a half-hearted hurrah, Acolyte came out with a shrug and a meh, and Mantle came out with barely a glance.

It’s my fault, for a large part. I loathe…

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