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Winter's goodbye is coming…

gothcemeteryI find myself melancholy today, and it has to do with the writing I am doing. For the past several months I’ve been working a meticulous plan to write the first drafts of both Winter 3 & 4. A little over a week ago I came to the point in Winter 3 that meant facing the ending of that book…and somehow I always found myself too busy to go any further. Yesterday, I forced myself to, thinking my lack of motivation was just an indication of how busy it was last week. Yes it was busy, but that wasn’t the reason I neglected my daily writing ritual.

I realized exactly what the reason was yesterday…the goodbye is coming.

You see, if I finish book 3, that means I have to begin on book 4. And if I begin on book 4, that means I’ll soon say goodbye to Winter.

What made me come to this realization was a song. I can’t write without music. Music speaks to me emotionally in a way nothing else does. And so I have tailored online stations with Pandora and Spotify that play me the kind of music I need for any given scene in order to get my mind in the right zone.

A song came on yesterday as I was trying to write…a song that hit me emotionally pretty hard, making it difficult for me to finish that day…a song that I can’t get out of my head today…a song that typifies why I’ve been melancholy…a song that reminded me that this goodbye is not only coming, but it is inevitable.

It’s been almost eight years since I penned the first words of Winter and, if my plan continues as it should, I’ll pen the last words sometime in the early days of September…last words that I’ve known since those first words.

And that haunting melody plays through my mind, reminding me of those last words, and persisting that they are fast approaching.

Writer friends…what do you do when you have to say goodbye to a character that has become like family to you?

Reader friends…how will you feel when it comes time for you to say goodbye to Winter?

Listen to this song, the one that sparked all of this, while you try to formulate the words of your answer.



1 thought on “Winter's goodbye is coming…”

  1. I know as a reader I will be sad about when I have to say goodbye, I love this series, I love Winter. I believe that a true sign of a good book is when the characters stay with long after you have finished reading the book.


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