Ponderings from a Wife

Jesusfreak Mommy

Several months back I started an experiment in “The Art of Dating In” in which my hubby and I attempted to plan evenings (dates) at home after the kiddos were in bed.

In my opinion, epic fail.

And here are my reasons why.

One thing my husband and I try to do is plan out time together each day to just “be” together.  That is already usually after the kids are tucked in bed.  We snuggle up in our room and watch some of our favorite tv shows & even a movie now and then.  It’s great down time.  Just hanging out with my best friend in a very similar fashion to  when we were dating.  But this, my friends, is not a date.

This too, is how our dating in experiment became.  Basically the same routine, only snuggled on the sofa with fresh baked cookies.  And this is why…

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