Ministry: The lonely calling

Jesusfreak Mommy

My husband and I have served in some sort of ministry for the majority of our lives together, be it lay service or staff service.  God has placed a definite calling on our lives and our family, and we would have it no other way.  Our lives and gifts belong to our Heavenly Father, and service to Him is an honor.

However, we have both continually struggled with loneliness.  Not in a marriage way, but in friendships.  I’ve always been dumbfounded by this.  We meet people we have lots in common with, begin to develop a friendship but then, out of the blue it seems, it just seems to dissolve.

I’m very thankful to God for the friends we found during our seminary experience.  They may be distant, but we know we can count on them to pray for us!  Unfortunately not all ministers have this experience to build upon.

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