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help-wantedI’ve been given the go ahead by my publisher to hire a PR Manager/ publicist to handle all aspects of writing and author publicity for me. Responsibilities would include: scheduling book signings, appearances, in-person and radio interviews, online interviews, guest blogs, speaking engagements, and any other approved publicity item. The PR Manager would work closely with me in scheduling to maximize exposure for my current books and upcoming releases.

Compensation. The PR Manager/ publicist will start with 20% of all royalties on sales figures that exceed the baseline of sales prior to starting. In other words, if the PR Manager’s efforts show an increase in sales from what was happening without the PR Manager, then the PR Manager gets paid.

The ideal candidate should be outgoing, creative, love books, and (preferably) love my books. They should also be somewhat local to me (south Mississippi) and having a working knowledge of what kind of publicity opportunities are available within two hours of me.

This is a great opportunity for someone to earn a little extra money and to get involved in the wild, wild west world of the publishing industry. If you’re interested, send me an.


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