My writing journey, Vault

The Vault – Introduction

vaultdoorOver the years I’ve carefully kept up with my writing roots…those first words I penned in high school, junior high, and maybe even earlier. Over the years these items have been moved around from attic, to storage building, and back, and I’ve always been amazed when I run across them that they haven’t yet disintegrated or been lost.

Now I’ve found them again. And before it’s too late, I’m going to actually preserve them here on my website for all of you to see. So I’m starting a new series for you to enjoy called The Vault. I’ll post word for word fiction I wrote in my beginnings. Some of it is very short, some of it is in the form of poetry, and a few things are quite long, in which case I’ll have to serialize it. I may make a few minor changes here and there, but only if it is obvious that my execution failed my intention, and I’ll only adjust it for readability purposes. Otherwise, all word choices, grammar, sentence structure, ect. will remain unchanged. Finally, each item will be given an approximate date and my age when it was written. Hope you enjoy a glimpse into my early writing brain!



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