My writing journey, Vault

The Vault 1 – Improbable Infinity

pink toasterI’ll start my Vault series with this nice little gem. It was written around 1994, and I was around 15 or 16 at the time, as best I can tell. This original copy is printed on an old dot-matrix printer.

Once I strolled upon the grassy hillsides of optimism while daydreaming of a tranquil future age that was just beyond my reach. Unable to actualize the vision, in despair I quit my attempts to grasp an improbable infinity and left the lofty slopes only to find jagged rocks and bottomless chasms of despair where the wretched has-beens and nobodies of the world stayed to rot in their own self-pity, seeing only visions of what they could have been. Upon seeing this miserable sight, I decided to attempt to find a halfway-point, anchored between the harsh reality of the world and the slopes I had once inhabited. What I found was a plane of altered reality where all did not seem too adverse, but yet not all overwhelmed me with delight. I noticed that there were not many other traversers of this plane and I would have to be alone on many decisions that I made, because not many others would share in my halfway opinion. This fact does not bother me as much as the fact that I have been currently detained and am sitting in a white room restrained with leather straps. I hope the men wearing white return so that I might explain myself more. Maybe they’ll bring the talking pink toaster back.



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