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Time to rock the summer…

signingSo, this is really sort of an update to what’s been going on, where my writing career might be leading, and what you can expect from me this summer…since I’ve been Mr. Bad-blogger and not posting very often or very personal.

At the end of may I finally finished a four year journey to complete a Master’s degree in Theology. I’m not quite done yet, though. With so many electives and leveling classes, I came up just twelve credit hours short of a full double-master’s. So I’ll soon be picking up those last classes (part-time per my wife’s orders) to finish up a Master’s degree in Biblical Studies. After that…maybe PhD. I haven’d decided yet. Still praying about that one. Meanwhile, I’m still settling in to my new role as a full-time pastor. We have a fledgling website, which I’ll soon be building to awesomeness here – The FB page is a little better maintained at

What about the writing? There’s so much going on, things I want to do, that it’s hard to know where to begin working, much less know where to start telling you.

Winter and Prophetess both continue to slowly build five-star reviews, though the changing industry makes it difficult to know just how to market. I’m trying to build some grass-roots followers with the intent of snowballing the word-of-mouth side of things. Seems to be working. Also, the audiobook for Prophetess should be completed soon.

But you want to know about upcoming books. There are seven. Yes. I said seven.

First, you all want to know about Winter 3. Or as some fans have begun writing it…Wint3r. My outline is complete and actually has been for some time. All I have to do is write it. I can’t give you any estimates on a release date yet, but I will tell you that I’m seriously considering writing Wint3r and Winter 4 in a huge marathon and release them within a few months of each other. Of course, that means Wint3r may be a little longer coming, but it’ll be totally worth it. (This counts as two.)

In the meantime, there’s another novel that is completely outlined, totally unrelated to Winter, and is strongly vying for my attention first this summer. I don’t want to give too much away, but suffice it to say I am ambitiously going to attempt the mother of all epics, building three distinct worlds based on different genres, and seamlessly integrate them together, all in one stand-alone novel and with characters that I’m already in love with. Action, adventure, romance, horror, dragons, spaceships, steampunk, and supernatural. Yup. It’s that epic. I can’t wait to write it.

There’s also my first novel, the allegorical fantasy Among Dragons. This manuscript has had some history to it. But hopefully, I’ll soon be able to complete my goal of giving it the long overdue rewrite it deserves. Not sure yet how I’m going to approach publishing it. I’ve toyed with the idea of serializing it through Amazon. But in the end it may land in small press. We’ll see.

Soon, you’ll also see titles coming from me in the non-fiction section. First up, I plan to self-pub my Story Building Mastery series. It’ll go through some significant revisions, additions, and editing, and will probably be given a title something like Story Engineering: the Science Behind the Art.

I’m also seeking agent representation for my master’s thesis, which is on the subject of communicating with the dead from a Christian perspective. I’ve received a lot of interest outside of publishing about it and I just hope that interest translates to an agent and a publishing contract with a major house.

Finally, I’ll soon be doing research and building a study for my church on generational ministry, looking at the major generations of a church, their values and fears, their qualities and vices, specific strategies for reaching each generation, how these generations interact with each other, and specific strategies for building a multi-layered ministry for all of them at the same time. Again, this is something that is garnering a lot of outside interest and I haven’t even written it yet. I’ll most likely compile all of this into book format and seek publication with it as well.

So that’s what I’m up to. I know I’ve been quiet, but that’s because I’ve been busy. There’s plenty coming from me in the future. It’s time to rock the summer. Hang on and God bless.


PS – Don’t get excited or anything because I don’t know what will come of it, if anything. But I had a great conversation last week with a Christian movie producer. 🙂


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