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Another menial “Year In Review” type blog…

2012I know it’s been a while since anything has been posted on my website. But I kinda felt obligated to at least do this. There’s things brewing though, so just wait. This website should get kicked back off soon.

Here’s my menial (mostly) year in review of some of the things that happened to me and my family over the past year.

1. One of the biggest things that would eventually define a lot of the year, was that my wife and I began to talk and really give ourselves over to “Never telling God no.” This mostly centered around the possibility of my becoming a pastor and her becoming a pastor’s wife. It was an idea that we’d been pretty adamant against for some time. But last January we realized withholding even this from God was wrong of us. She was already serving at a church as music minister and I was serving at the same church as associate pastor. Being willing to do whatever God asked was the next step in our Christian life.

2. We moved apartments. Just a few doors down. To get away from some very noisy neighbors. A week after we moved, they moved apartments too. Maybe we were the noisy ones.

3. At the end of January, I and the other Alumni of the New Authors’ Fellowship began a joint blog as an experiment in marketing. We called it The Cheesecake Thickens. It wasn’t very successful. We shut it down in August.

4. Sometime in February, a weird virus entered our household unlike anything we’d experienced in quite a while. We were all pretty pitiful for nearly two weeks. Not fun times.

5. In early April, my sister in law was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident. She left behind her husband and eight year old daughter, as well as her mother, father, three sisters, and a brother. She was the third oldest of the children. It’s been very difficult on the family, so if you’re the praying sort (and if you come to my website, chances are that you are) please remember them in your prayers.


6. June 1 saw the release of the audiobook for Winter, performed by the talented Lindsay Zana.

7. Near the end of June, somehow I managed to contract a bacterial infection in both my feet. Laid up again. For nearly two weeks.

8. Our son, who turned nine this September, began to really show signs of anxiety issues. We’ve been dealing with it in some form nearly every day. He’s always had some anxiety, even as a baby. But now, rapidly growing up, faced with a lot of changes, including the loss of an aunt, we think he’s beginning to understand the mortality of himself and those he loves. It’s a work in progress. Things are getting better here at the end of the year.

As you can see, the first half of 2012 was not great for my family. There are a few other things I didn’t mention because some things are too private to be appropriate for the public. But we struggled and remained stressed those first few months.

9. In late August, my wife and I left our positions at the church we served in order for me to begin pursuing pastoral opportunities full-time. We didn’t know where this would lead, whether I would do interim work or supply work, but almost immediately a church called wanting to interview me. God was begin to redeem our year.

10. That first church didn’t work out. I had several interview sessions with them, had preached for them twice…but something was not quite right. It was in the city of New Orleans and, even though we lived there, we felt like God would be calling us someplace outside the city. Maybe even closer to home. And that he might do it within the next year. I feel strongly that to take a church a pastor should be willing to commit at least five years to that church, even if God works and moves him somewhere else sooner than that. We couldn’t do that. It wasn’t fair to them. Meanwhile, it seems the search team at the church was feeling the same way. So mutually, I and the search team called it off.


11. Almost immediately another church called for an interview. A church outside the city. A church closer to home. See how God works?

12. We took a very awesome trip in October to Disney World. After the year we’d had, we very much needed this vacation. It was fun and relaxing, just the thing to get us recharged to finish out this long year.

13. Within days of returning home from our vacation, my second novel released. I had been working on it very hard for several months, trying to make sure it was mostly ready before our vacation. Have you see it? It’s called Prophetess and is the sequel to Winter. Make sure you check it out!

14. Then the next weekend after the book release, we had the interview with the second church. It was like going to a family reunion and meeting relatives you didn’t know you had.

15. My wife and I got to see the Broadway musical Les Mis, when the traveling show came to New Orleans. The singing wasn’t too bad and the stage production was pretty impressive. I assume the acting was good too, but we were one row from the back wall of the last balcony, at least fifty yards away from the stage and probably just as much above it. Facial expressions…what are those?

Prophetess cover-early release

16. The semester wore on, and began to wrap up. I progressed forward with the church. Things were looking much better.

17. On December 9, Magee’s Creek Baptist Church, just north of Tylertown, MS, called me to be their pastor, and I accepted. They gave us the keys to the parsonage. I began preaching there on December 16. We are moving in three days from this post.

18. On December 17 my wife and I went to see the Hobbit. Yes, that is worthy of its own entry.

19. Finally, this will become known to us as the year of Doctor Who. I was once upon a time a fan of the 4th Doctor as a child, and I “rediscovered” the new series sometime last year. Over the summer I got my wife hooked on it. She now owns multiple Doctor Who tees and got me a sonic screwdriver and TARDIS cookie jar for Christmas.

And that’s the highlight reel of 2012 for me and my family. What will the next year bring?



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