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Waiting on God…

This post may turn out to be more of a venting, or rather more like me just pouring out a little of what’s on my heart.

Have you ever had to wait on God? I’ll be honest. It sucks. There’s something just a little frustrating about knowing what God wants you to do and being stuck waiting on Him to make it happen.

I find myself in that position…again. I’ve been here before and I know how it’s going to turn out. Being in the center of God’s will is the greatest feeling ever, even if there is a little frustration along the way. I’d rather wait on God when he tells me to, than push forward when he’s not behind me.

It’s no secret that last January my wife and I made the life decision to never tell God no. On the surface, that seems like such a simple thing. But think about it for yourself. Are you TRULY willing to say, “God, I will no longer tell you no. About anything. Ever.” It’s a difficult choice to make and a huge step for us as a family.

Since that time, God has been building in our hearts a desire to spend some time over the next few years pastoring a church. We followed God in this, leaving our obligations at our former church so that we could be available full-time to pursue any preaching or pastoring opportunity that may come…even if it’s a last minute thing.

And now that we’ve stepped out, followed God in making ourselves 100% available…now God has us waiting.

We don’t know where we’ll land. As I write this blog, there is one prospect, but it is increasingly uncertain. No others have presented themselves, so we wait.

We’ve been here before. We know that God will bring us exactly where he wants us in exactly the right timing, and will take care of us in the mean-time exactly how we need. It’s a little frightening to wait…and a little frustrating.

But we’re willing to do it. We told him we’ll never tell him no. And that includes waiting.



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