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Bye bye fan page…

I picked up on a recent article that detailed some of Facebook’s disclosure on how Business Pages operate. This has probably been going on for a few months, but it’s been low enough on the radar that I haven’t noticed until now.

Basically, Facebook has admitted that about 85% of a Business Page’s followers never see what gets posted on the page. I’ve noticed the interactions on my fan page have drastically gone down in recent months, and perhaps this is why. Facebook does offer a solution, though. I could choose to pay them for advertisements so that my fan interaction will increase.

Um…no thank you. I’m a struggling author who makes next to no money by writing. I’m not giving you any.

You can read the entire article that I read here – http://observer.com/2012/09/broken-on-purpose/

So I’ve finally decided to make the change and get rid of my fan page. I’ve been weighing the benefits vs. the pitfalls of sustaining a Business Page and a Personal Profile for quite some time. This article has tipped me over. I’m not too upset, because it coincides with my release strategy of Winter 2…so that gives me a good excuse to make a big change.

So I’ve begun the monumental task of transferring all my fans over to my personal profile. I wanted to take a moment to share my strategy for doing so and to share with you my (current) solution in regards to the privacy issue.

I began by scouring my fan page, over 700 fans, for people I knew were already friends. These people I manually deleted from the fan page so I’ll no longer annoy them with double posts and reminders that the page is going away. Hopefully, the rest will see those reminders and make the switch. I’m eventually going to go through the remain 300 or so fans that are complete strangers to me and send each of them a friend request with a note about the change. As each fan becomes a friend, I’m manually deleting them from the fan page. Fan pages have this neat feature where you can instantly see how many friends are also fans. It’s easy to track them down when you’re only dealing with a handful at a time. The largest bulk of work was done when I deleted the existing friends. As I start sending out friend request, I’m going to delete those at the same time the request goes out. No need to harass people.

But what about the privacy issue? I’m adopting two strategies. Facebook has a “Restricted” list that limits what a friend can see to only those things you make public. So anyone I don’t know automatically gets dumped in the Restricted list. I’m also creating another list for “People I Know” so that I can further build limitations on things I post that I want to keep private.

As for seeing status updates in my news feed from all these people I don’t know, there are two things I can do. The first is that there is an option to remove individuals from your news feed entirely. I’ve only done this with a few people so far, but I may increase that. This option is presented in the same window area where you select lists for a person to be in. The second option is to simply utilize my “People I Know” list by clicking on just that one and filtering my news feed to only the people in that list.

There are a few other issues that I haven’t quite figured out yet, like restricting who can actually post things directly to my timeline. But I’m not sure that will be as much of an issue as some might think.

So that covers my strategy for this change. I hope it helps you in your decisions to do something similar.



3 thoughts on “Bye bye fan page…”

  1. Thanks for posting this. It is good timing for me because I was serioulsy thinking about going the other way and setting up a fan page. I’m glad I waited now.

  2. Very interesting. I’ve heard about this and was annoyed over it myself. It kind of takes the ‘point’ out of a fanpage all together, doesn’t it? However, one thing that is a concern is that facebook limits the number of friends you can have. I believe it is 3000. For people with higher numbers than that they will still need some other ay to interact on fb

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