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Winter 2 update for September

Tonight…just now…like an hour ago…I sent the last chunk of chapters off to my publisher and my primary editor. In probably a day or so, my publisher will become only the second person, other than myself, to have read the entire book. When she’s done, I’ll post her reaction over on my fan page.

If you haven’t already connected with me on Facebook, now’s a great time to do it. www.facebook.com/thewordcrafter. Lot’s of fun pre-release teasing and, beginning in October, a systematic release of information regarding Winter 2.

We’re still on track for November 1. Though I’m about a month behind in my schedule to complete the final draft, I’ve been sending large chunks to my editors along the way. I’ve already gotten about half back with formal edits that I need to process. At no point did they catch up to me, so being behind on my personal schedule hasn’t affected the overall schedule.

Also, tonight the cover art process began. The cover for the first book was done by Holly Heisey. She’s had some medical issues that have prevented her from doing the second cover. This time around, my lovely wife is taking over. She’s responsible for the covers of Aquasynthesis, I Am Ocilla, and Seeking Unseen, and she took the subject photography featured on the cover of Winter. I’ve no doubt it’ll be just as awesome as the cover done by Holly, which everyone loves.

This month I’ll be completing the trailer as well, with the intention of releasing it sometime in mid October.

Hang in there and thanks for all your love and support! Only two more months!


UPDATE – 9/8

“Must…breathe…” The first words from my publisher after finishing the book. Yeah, I told her. I was out of breath writing it, too.


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