5 for Friday with Kat Heckenbach

Time for another 5 For Friday! This time I’m turning the spotlight on fellow Splashdown author and my editor, Kat Heckenbach. Her second novel Seeking Unseen, the much anticipated sequel to Finding Angel, will be release September 1, 2012.

Find out more about Kat and her books at www.katheckenbach.com.

1. Tell me a little about yourself and your family outside the writerly life.

I’ve been married for 18 years, to a car-obsessed electrical engineer. I homeschool my two kids: Beastie 1 is twelve and he’s a total video game nut and science nerd. And he’s getting crazy tall for his age. Beastie 2 is nine and she’s very musical and artistic. She’s also as girly as a girl can be, which she apparently got from my sister-in-law because I am not, nor have I ever been “girly.”

Me, personally, though….Avid reader. Massive Harry Potter fan. Whovian. Introvert and homebody. Neatness and organization obsessed. I have two dogs, a boxer and a shepherd-lab mix, but would love a pet dragon :).

Oh, and we spend entirely too much time at theme parks (we’re fairly close to Orlando) and go camping quite a bit. Not real camping, of course. We have a travel trailer and we mostly stay at Disney’s campground. (And if they’d let dogs stay in the cabins, my husband knows that would be the end of the travel trailer!)

2. What do you regret most from your teenage years?

Um….what don’t I? Seriously, I was a total wild child. The teen who did all the stuff her parents had done everything to prevent her from doing. I can’t, though, say I regret my crazy years. They have turned me into who I am now. Also, I can look back and see how God’s hand was always in my life, protecting me from my own stupidity. And somehow I kept a string of connection to some of the “right” friends, who are still friends today. Even out of the worst of it all, good things grew.

That is not to say I condone being an idiot during your teen years. But if you are or were, you will always find forgiveness from God and He will use those experiences to make you a better person later.

3. You call your children Beasties. What other emotional scars are you bestowing on them?

Oh, yes. Horrible, horrible things. Like a constant need to watch the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings movies. A sick love of all things fantasy. Insanely vivid imaginations. Completely useless large vocabularies and scientific knowledge. Health food and exercise. (I know, shame on me. They have been deprived of illness for so long!) And I–*gasp!*–read to them every night. Torture!

4. How do people react to your split personality as a writer?

I assume you mean the wide gap between my types of writing, one being inspirational personal experience stories and the other being dark weirdness. So far, I’ve been amazingly well-accepted for it all. I have had no inspy fans accuse me of witchcraft or anything (that I know of–who knows what they say behind my back), and I’ve not had any horror fans burn crosses on my lawn.

That said, I always feel odd when I’m in a group of sweet little Christian writers and I have to introduce myself. “My name is Kat, and I write mostly fantasy, a little science fiction, and…”–voice lowers to a whisper, coughs into hand, “horror.”

5. If you went to Walmart today and got in line behind Stephanie Meyer, what would you say?

Well, first of all–and I swear I’m not saying this to be snarky– I don’t think I’d actually recognize her. I’ve seen a few pictures of her online, but would I know her in real life? Doubtful. Of course, the hordes of screaming Twi-hards surrounding her might be a clue. In that case, I’d just hope I happened to be wearing my “Vampires Don’t Sparkle” t-shirt that day.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Good interview! Thanks, Kat and Kevin!


  2. I need a T-shirt that says that 🙂


  3. Thanks, Keven, for the interview! It was nice having some not-so-ordinary questions to answer :).

    And thanks for stopping by, Kessie and Morgan.


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