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August update on Winter 2.

I’m overwhelmed.

As I sit here writing this and waiting for the Mars rover Curiosity to land (this post written on 8/5 but not posted until 8/8), what I really should be doing is editing.

It’s been over two weeks since I completed my self-editing phase of the first half of Winter 2. And then I took a look at the horrible mess of the second half and I’ve just lost all motivation. It took about a week of that time just to figure out how to fix the mess. I’ve gotten that sorted now. It’s all laid out in a 2nd half outline with reference markers for how the old material pieces in and where new material needs to be written. Of course all the old material must also be adjusted to fit the new story flow and the new material.

It’s all ready and I can see the end clearly. But it’s just so much dang work. I want to just sit down and be done now. Yet I’m only half way there! It’s like cleaning your bed room. Sometimes the mess gets so overwhelming that you just don’t know where to start. You know where everything goes…it’s just too much.

Will we make November? I hope so. I’m going to do my best. But I’m already behind schedule in comparison to last time around. I know the process better, so that’ll help speed it along.

On another note…I did some filming a couple days ago for the Winter 2 trailer. Mary came back by and we shot a couple of scenes. Nothing complicated this time around. But I think the end result will be just as epic. I’m trying my hand at some green-screen work…or rather red sheet as a stand in for a green-screen.

I’ll announce the title and release the cover with the trailer. No clue when that will be yet. Got to get a cover done. And finish the trailer. Sigh…school starts back at the end of this month, too.

Now to go back to alternating between staring at my outline and staring at my manuscript willing it to finish itself.


PS – The pic at the top is a hint about the title of Winter 2. Can you figure it out?


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