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Dance Video and Contest Results!

The epic video! Please share with all your friends and let’s make this thing go viral!



  • 1st Place – Crystal Serrano. Wins a Kindle Touch, fully loaded with the Prize List.
  • 2nd Place – Timothy Ward. Wins the entire Prize List of electronic books.
  • 3rd Place – Ralene Burke. Wins her choice of 5 electronic books from the Prize List.
  • 4th Place – Tim George. Wins his choice of 2 electronic books from the Splashdown Books catalog.
  • 5th Place – Becky Milstead. Wins her choice of 1 electronic book from the Splashdown Books catalog.

5 thoughts on “Dance Video and Contest Results!”

  1. Luv ya bro but I think Diane wins this one. White boys should not dance (lol). Seriously though, I am constantly amazed that the guy I lived next door to and sat in Greek next to has become a published author and is such a talented person using his gifts to further the Kingdom of God. Keep up the good work.


  2. Oh goodness…good laughs here. I really don’t know who wins. I mean, if we go based off of wackiness, Di gets it. However, the kids in Keven’s were awesome!


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