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So much going on…

It’s crunch time this semester. Only two weeks left before I officially have only THREE semesters to complete my MA in Theology (and Biblical Studies). I have a lot going on writing wise. So I wanted to give everyone a run-down.

I do plan to continue my New Generation Writer series. I have a few more “Rules” to go over and a couple of interviews to share. So look for that.

I’ve also completed two research papers on two of the most well-known prophets outside of main-stream Christianity: Muhammad and Joseph Smith. In these papers I review and critique their revelation experiences. I plan to publish these here on my site, despite the fact that the Muhammad paper will probably get me my own jihad and the Joseph Smith paper might bring a host of missionaries to my door.

As soon as I’ve completed this semester, I’ve got to get on two writing projects. I must return to Winter 2 and I need to get going on revisions to my unpublished fantasy which will make it’s debut as a serial in Digital Dragon Magazine.

I’d like to film one of my short stories during Christmas break, if I can make it happen. And I also want to try my hand at vlogging and getting involved in the YouTube social movement.

Lest I forget to mention it, we have a ton of Christmas plans too. So not a dull moment around here!

There’s the update. Look for these exciting things to come!



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