The New Generation Writer – Rule #1

Over at NAF I posted last week some observations about being a New Generation Writer. Check it out HERE. Since then, I’ve been giving a lot of my spare thought to what a New Generation Writer might look like. Specifically, I wanted to identify some writers that might already be doing this and I wanted to see what they are doing. I’ve been thinking… percolating…how to be a New Generation Writer. I’m going to do a series of “Rules” on how to become a New Generation Writer. (Use that term lightly, okay? They’re not really rules. I get that.) I’m also going to do a series of interviews with people I see as already being New Generation Writers.

The heart of it is connecting to a new generation of readers. No one really gets into writing to make a ton of money. We do it because we enjoy telling stories. We want to share those stories with as many people as possible. So while it may look like clever marketing to some, for me it’s not really about the money…it’s about connecting. And I think this new generation is getting tired with all the saturation of poor marketing techniques used by desperate writers. Facebook is saturated. Blogs are saturated. Amazon is saturated with too many books. It’s just too much. The marketing is so obvious it’s almost pathetic. Writing has become devalued. So we need to step back away from marketing and concentrate on connecting. We need to instill a sense of worth in writing again.


The New Generation Writer seeks to genuinely connect with their audience instead of trying to exploit them for marketing purposes, demonstrating to them value as a reader and expecting value as a writer in return.

Time to start the revolution on writing. Who’s with me? Stay tuned for more.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Diane Graham says:

    Oh, excellent. I couldn’t agree more. 😀


  2. Very cool, Keven. I agree totally.


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