Why Supernatural Theology?

It’s time I started beefing up this puny site. As I near graduation with my MA in Theology and prepare to enter the PhD program, it’s time for me to really start digging into my field of research. And if you haven’t figured that out yet, it’s Supernatural Theology.

I’ve explained what Supernatural Theology is HERE, but the question I get more than that is…Why?

So that’s my topic this evening…why Supernatural Theology? Allow me to explain.

The Christian belief is an extremely supernatural belief. And our Bible is an extremely supernatural book. If we claim to take the Bible as truth, then there are many supernatural things we must accept as truth. Examples of these are: miracles, angels, demons, the resurrection of Jesus, and the afterlife. We believe these things…and we take them for granted.

Christians don’t know much about these supernatural things. Some people say we shouldn’t question too much about things the Bible doesn’t tell us. But the Bible DOES tell us lots of things about the supernatural, so that objection is pointless. Maybe, supernatural things scare us. I don’t know. But it’s there and it should be studied. I believe that a Christian should know all that can be learned from the Bible, and that includes the lessons it has to teach about the supernatural. I’ve also found that a lot of Christians are fascinated by the supernatural…they just don’t want to tell anyone.

That’s reason number one. The second reason why I want to study Supernatural Theology is to provide answers to non-Christians. We live in a society that is obsessed with the supernatural. Every television channel has at least one show about some sort of supernatural thing. How many ghost hunting shows are there now? How many crime dramas feature psychics or super powers or some other strange abilities? And don’t even get me started on vampires. Geez. The supernatural genre is also the hottest selling genre of novels today. The bookshelves are full of them. For the most part, the supernatural as it’s portrayed outside the Bible gets everything wrong.

So the world as a whole wants answers about supernatural things. Many Christians want to know, but don’t think it’s something they can study. Non-Christians are getting their information from fictional sources. I want to provide good solid answers to as many of these questions as I can. If someone has a supernatural question, and through my research and Biblical study I can provide an answer…don’t I have an obligation to do so?

That’s my belief anyway. We can’t always play the “demon card” when someone cries ghost. Not if we haven’t studied the situation. That’s unfair and irresponsible. But the Bible doesn’t talk about ghosts, right? As a matter of fact, there are at least four passages that describe people who have died appearing to the living. That’s just one example of how our preconceived notions about the supernatural are not always accurate.

We can do better. We can be better stewards with the information given us about the supernatural aspects of our beliefs. We can provide better answers to a world that is obsessed with the supernatural.

And that is why I’m studying what I’m studying. I invite you to follow along with me as a share with you my findings and experiences.


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