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New trailer for Winter

Here’s the third and final trailer for Winter. This is an endorsement trailer, featuring endorsements from authors Kerry Nietz, Pete Turner, Greg Mitchell, Amy Deardon, Matt Koceich, and Robert Liparulo. Someone asked me, “Why do you need three trailers?” My reason is that I plan to have a TV/DVD on the table at appearances. These three trailers (and maybe the behind the scenes video) will be played on a loop. All three trailers are unique. The first is a full-length movie still trailer. The second is a traditional still-image trailer. And the third features endorsements.

I know at times the endorsements in this new trailer seem to change fast. But it was very difficult to get the timing exact and still feature as many as I wanted to feature. A quick reader should have no problems. But don’t forget you can also pause the video, rewind, or watch multiple times so that you can catch it all.

I hope you enjoy it.



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