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Everything you need to know about Winter…

I realized there was a lot of links and info going around, so this simple post is just to compile everything and explain the where-to’s and what-for’s.

To read details about the book CLICK HERE.

Winter will be released on JUNE 1, 2011 by Splashdown Darkwater, an imprint of Splashdown Books. It will be available at all online retails outlets and can be ordered at any major bookstore. To find out about this publisher CLICK HERE.

We are pushing an ambitious launch strategy for release day, called the 1000 Campaign. To find out what that is CLICK HERE.

To join the 1000 Campaign CLICK HERE.

To pre-order Winter CLICK HERE. (And if you do, please join the 1000 Campaign!)

To become a fan on my Facebook page CLICK HERE and “Like” the page.

For Twitter updates CLICK HERE.

Don’t forget to visit my new website and subscribe to the blog! CLICK HERE

And of course, to watch the most awesome promo trailer CLICK HERE.

If you need more information about the book or to schedule an appearance or interview, send an email to kevennewsome [at] gmail [dot] com.


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