Full Trailer Credits

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Produced by, Directed by, Filmed by, Edited by, Music by:

  • Keven Newsome

Cast (In order of appearance):

  • Mary Rochelle Unsworth…. Winter Maessen
  • Ende Cecelia Champagne…. Young Winter Maessen
  • Ellen Gatlin Champagne…. Marie Maessen
  • Christina Dufour…. Claire
  • Adam F. Gillespie…. Steve Maessen
  • Kyle W. Bagwell…. Davis
  • Kinsey Sharkey…. Summer Reilly
  • Rebekah Unsworth…. Kaci Williams/ Extra
  • DeAnna Newsome…. Extra
  • Wesley Belk…. Xaphan
  • Keven Newsome (cameo with machete)…. Extra
  • Katherine Unsworth…. Lunch Lady/ Extra

Shot on location at:

  • The New Orleans Baptist Seminary – Primary location
    • Thanks to the Administrative Council for the usage of campus locations in general.
    • Thanks to Rex Butler, home usage.
    • Thanks to Julie Barentine, office usage.
    • Thanks to Debi Sharkey, guest room and vehicle usage.
    • Thanks to Ashley Williamson for dorm room usage.
    • Thanks to Traci Combs, home usage.
  • The New Orleans City Park
  • Metairie Cemetery
  • With scenic footage from Vicksburg, MS and Columbia, MS

Filmed with a Canon Rebel T1i DSLR in HD.


  • Splashdown Darkwater, an imprint of Splashdown Books.

Cover Art

  • Layout and design by Holly Heisey.
  • Subject photography by DeAnna Newsome.
  • Mary Rochelle Unsworth model.

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