Looking for Oliver D. King?

First of all, you are in the right place. Thank you for being here. This might take a moment of explanation. Read to the end for a gift.

My name is Keven Newsome. Oliver King was my great-grandfather. You may know me as either of those or may possibly be one of the few that has known me as both. When I first began writing, long before my first published book, I intended to use Oliver King as a pen name. However, I decided to publish under my real name instead. After a few years of struggling to reconcile my day job with my writing career (very long story), I thought the best solution would be to rebrand myself as Oliver D. King as I had originally intended to do. So at the beginning of 2020 I did so.

2020. Funny how that year seems to keep popping up. The events of 2020 led to a complete and utter failure to launch my pen name properly. I invested in promo material and stock of my amazing new covers sporting the pen name, all for nothing. Big flop.

Fast forward to 2022 and some of my career goals have changed. To find out more about what I’m doing as a Creativity Consultant, checkout newsomecreative.net, the parent site of this one. With this new career goal, it no longer made sense to create two separate marketing platforms…one for my writing career and one for consulting, which also included creative writing. The two platforms would fight each other and there would be a lot of duplicate material. Just more work for me.

So with Oliver D. King being a flop, sales under that name being practically non-existent, I decided just to act like these last two years never happened. I’m switching everything back to Keven Newsome, the name most everyone knows me as anyway.

Sorry for any confusion.

Now for my offer. If you purchased the Kindle/eBook versions of any of my books sold under Oliver D. King, go to my contact page and send me a message. You can email me a photo of the Kindle title page as proof and I’ll email you back a free digital copy that has my real name. If you purchased the paperbacks, I can’t exactly send you new copies. Sorry. But I’ll send you something. I haven’t decided what yet. Maybe some bookmarks? Or a personal thank you letter that you can stick in your copy? Both? I’ll think on that one. But thank you for supporting me and being one of the few who read the Oliver D. King versions of one of my books.